Friday, 17 March 2017

Top Ten RHI Recipients

1. PAUL HOBSON LTD £659,540.81 2. EGLINTON (TIMBER PRODUCTS) LTD £538,885.63 3. McILROY FARMS LIMITED £513,312.78 4. ECOBIOMASS NI LTD £476,383.18 5. MOUNTTAIN VIEW FARM LTD £471,971.94 6. BALLINDARRAGH POULTRY FARM LTD £432,282.88 7. JOHN HOGG & CO LTD £417,322.29 8. McCAFFREY AGGREGATES LTD £396,647.94 9. L.W. SURPHLIS & SON LTD. £358,236.27 10. HEGAN FARMS LTD £351,969.11

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tory Party Fined £70000 Over Expenses

The Conservative Party has been fined £70,000 for a breach of election expenses rules, the Electoral Commission has said.It is the biggest fine ever imposed by the commission, the BBC's assistant political editor Norman Smith said. The fine follows an investigation into alleged misreporting of expenses during the 2015 general election campaign. It relates to allegations that the party used national money to fund local campaigns, said the BBC's Norman Smith. It comes after 12 police forces asked the Crown Prosecution Service to consider charges over election expenses.

Monday, 13 March 2017

New Scottish Independence Referendum To Be Called

“It is clear that our voice and our interests can be ignored at any time and at any issue. This is where we stand today… I cannot pretend to the Scottish people that a compromise agreement looks remotely likely… I will now take the steps necessary to make sure that Scotland will have a choice at the end of this process. A choice of whether to follow the UK to a hard Brexit or to become an independent country… The Scottish government’s mandate for offering this choice is beyond doubt.”

Nicola Sturgeon seeks a new Scottish Independence referendum

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

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