Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Universities With The Most Billionaires Graduates

1. University of Pennsylvania
2. Harvard University
3. Yale University
4. University of Southern California
5. Princeton University
6. Cornell University
7. Stanford University
8. University of California, Berkeley
9. University of Mumbai
10. London School of Economics
11. Lomonosov Moscow State University
12. University of Texas
13. Dartmouth College
14. University of Michigan
15. New York University
16. Duke University
17. Columbia University
18. Brown University
19. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
20. ETH Zurich

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Brits Out

According to figures released by the MoD, there are 1,830 military personnel here.

The vast majority, 1,740, are members of the British Army.

There are 80 with the Royal Air Force, and 10 with the Royal Navy.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


When a Israeli currently living in Berlin posted a grocery reciept on Facebook it unleashed a firestorm  at home. "Milky” is the name of a popular Israeli dairy pudding, sweet white cream on the top, brown chocolate pudding on the bottom. It is also the name of the hottest political discussion in Israel, one which began from the high cost of living and ended with the very foundations of Zionism, touching on questions dealing with social justice, occupation and the war on Gaza.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

SF Vote In The Republic Of Ireland Soars To 24%

Sinn Fein are at 24% of the vote according to the latest Opinion poll in the Republic of Ireland.

Fine Gael is unchanged at 24%, suggesting the John McNulty Seanad nomination has had little effect on the party’s support, according to the latest Ipsos/MRBI.

Support for Fianna Fail was down 5% at 20% while Independents/others were down one point.

Sinn Fein support was up 4% at 24%.

The survey was taken on Monday and Tuesday of this week among 1,200 people in face-to-face interviews.