Thursday, 24 July 2014

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


1. Monaco (29.21%)

2. Zurich (27.34%)

3. Geneva (17.92%)

4. New York (4.63%)

5. Frankfurt (3.88%)

6. London (3.39%)

7. Oslo (2.90%)

8. Singapore (2.80%)

9. Amsterdam (2.63%)

10. Florence (2.59%)

11. Hong Kong (2.58%)

12. Rome (2.54%)

13. Dublin (2.40%)

14. Doha (2.31%)

15. Toronto (2.29%)

16. Venice (2.25%)

17. Brussels (2.11%)

18. Houston (2.09%)

19. San Francisco (2.07%)

20. Paris (2.04%)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Celebrities For Scottish Independence

Sir Sean Connery: 'The yes campaign centres on a positive vision for Scotland. It is rooted in inclusiveness … equality'

Robbie Coltrane: 'I'd eventually like to see independence – but only an independent Labour Scotland'

Irvine Welsh: 'I always think the Union is nature's way of stopping the Scots ruling the world'

Frankie Boyle: 'It's an aye from me, man'

Gerard Butler: 'I can't see why Scotland shouldn't be independent – it has different attitudes, people and outlook'

Alan Cumming: 'In the past 15 years we have become stronger. The world is waiting for us and I know Scotland is ready'

Ken Stott: 'A vote for self-determination would raise our profile with lots of benefits for the arts'

AL Kennedy: 'Salmond is a sharp, charismatic presence; he would do well in any environment'

Friday, 11 July 2014

New Survation Opinion Poll On Scottish Independence

A total of 41% of people said they support Scotland leaving the UK in the latest poll by Survation - up from 39% last month.

But support for a No vote also increased by two points, going from 44% in June to 46% in the July survey, which was carried out for the Daily Record newspaper.

Of the 1,013 Scots who were questioned for the research, 13% said they do not know how they are going to vote on September 18.