Tuesday, 28 January 2014

DUP Leadership Poll Results

Gregory Campbell

  3 (10%)


Arlene Foster

  5 (17%)


Jeffrey Donaldson

  3 (10%)


Nigel Dodds

  5 (17%)


Ian Paisley Junior

  2 (7%)


Sammy Wilson

  5 (17%)


Simon Hamilton

  3 (10%)


Somebody else

  2 (7%)


Don't Know

  0 (0%)

28 Votes

Sunday, 26 January 2014

New ICM Opinion Poll On Scottish Independence

A NEW opinion poll which suggests support for Scottish independence has significantly increased has been welcomed by Yes campaigners.

The survey shows that 37% of people will vote Yes in the referendum, while 44% say they will vote No.

A further 19% of voters said they do not know how they will vote.

So everything to play for in the coming months.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Number Of The Beast

After last night's blitzkrieg on Peter Robinson's leadership by Ian Paisley Senior.Who will be the next leader of the Democratic Unionist Party? Is the question everyone is asking. Will it be Sammy Wilson he seems to have a foot in both camps. Or will it be hardliner Gregory Campbell just the type of guy you need to bang heads together. Arlene Foster she once had a good relationship with Big Ian by all accounts but will the DUP accept a female leader? Simon Hamilton the young pretender with clean hands but he maybe to modern for the backwoodsmen. Or perhaps somebody else. Vote in my poll for the candidate you think will win not the one that you want to win.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Free Presbyterian Church Slam Intergrated Education

In an advert on page 22 of today’s News Letter, the church says that for many years there has been “a concerted attempt to change the thinking of Northern Ireland children, particularly Protestant children, within the state system of education”.

It adds: “We believe that the present pursuit of shared education has more behind it than the saving of scarce resources. There is another agenda at work. Shared education in many cases is a front for ecumenism and also for the secular lobby to influence, change and direct the thinking of children to suit their agenda.”

The church also cited a wide range of shared education programmes.

The Church was founded by Ian Paisley Senior in 1951.Ian Paisley also founded the Democratic Unionist Party in 1971. The current DUP leader Peter Robinson has in recent times come out as a supporter of integrated education.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Hoboroad's Political Highway: Page Views By Country

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

In The Year 2031

In the year 2031 Catholics in the Six Counties should be a majority of the population. According to a clip discovered on YouTube by Enda from the Endgame In Ulster blog. Yes only 17  short years from now the Unionist majority shall no longer exist.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Doctor, Doctor Can I Have A Repartition?

Dr Paul Compton a Queen's University Academic suggested a Repartition of Ireland according to documents recently released under the 30 year rule. These ideas reached the desk of Margaret Thatcher. Redrawing the border was rejected by the British Prime Minister.

He suggested three options for repartition, including one ceding over half of the Six Counties to the Republic Of Ireland, reducing its population to one million – 73.5% of it Protestant.

The NIO paper, discussing Dr Compton's suggestions, also referred to a possible partition of Belfast.Government officials discussed creating "a wedge-shaped area in west Belfast" running from Twinbrook to the Divis Flats. The briefing paper discusses "difficulties over the Belfast sector", adding that one solution, "a walled ghetto", "would entail physical as well as political difficulties".

This is not the first time repartition has been considered in British Government circles. That Margaret Thatcher who died last year and was praised by Unionists as some sort of hero even thought such a idea possible should be food for thought.