Monday, 29 April 2013

When Will They Ever Learn?

The DUP and their attitude to homosexuality I'm talking about. They say those living in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones something that seems to have passed the DUP by. Today Sinn Fein have a motion up in Stormont calling for Same Sex Marriage to be made legal here. The DUP are going to try and block it by raising a motion of concern according to their Chief Whip Peter Weir. Paul Berry was a rising young star in the party until he was caught out getting a sports massage from a young gay man by the Sunday World newspaper. It cost Mr Berry his place in the party. Clifford Smyth who was once a DUP politician now a Orange Order historian according to the BBC he was photographed dressed up as a woman also in the Sunday World newspaper. And we all know how the media went to town when Iris Robinson was caught having a sexual relationship with a 19 year old businessman after a vicious attack on the Gay community. All I can say is I hope nobody currently in the DUP is living a double life especially if they have a family. For as sure as night follows day the newspaper headline DUP politician in Gay Sex Scandal can't be to far in there future. Super-Injunction or no Super-Injunction.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Queen Dumped At Windsor

God Save The Queen will not be played at the Irish Cup final at Windsor Park on the 4th of May. The match which is between Glentoran and Cliftonville will take place in a neutral environment says the Irish Football Association. Also from now on the playing of the British National Anthem at football matches here will be decided on a case by case basis says the IFA.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Church V State

Alliance party leader David Ford has stepped aside from his position as a elder in his local Presbyterian Church. This is thought to be related to his stance on same sex marriage. Mr Ford obviously thought he could ride two horses at the same time. He is the leader of a liberal political party and a member of a not so liberal Church when it comes to the subject of same sex marriage. Mr Ford is also Justice Minister in the Six Counties which means he should not be discriminating against anyone because of there sexual orientation. Members of Mr Ford's church are not to happy with his pro gay marriage agenda and have made there feelings known. “I'm absolutely disgusted with David Ford," said one local man speaking to the Antrim Times newspaper who asked not to be named. "I'm also furious that the church has done nothing to address the deep concerns we have.
“I couldn't stomach sitting in the same room as him so I haven't been back for three months now. This isn't kicking a ball up in the air to start a row, this is principle - and I won't move from that.
“And I'm not alone. Others have already stopped going and more are preparing to do the same. I would say 20 to 30 people have pulled the plug or are intending to do so."

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Protestant Coalition

It's a funny thing politics in the Six Counties you wait for one new Unionist party to show up and a totally different one then arrives.While Basil and John keep us all in suspence the Protestant Coalition arrive on the scene.The Protestant Coalition's website states it is an "anti-politics, political party" whose priority is "the empowerment of the PUL (Protestant Unionist Loyalist) community". It's new leader is James Dowson a former fundraiser for the British National Party. Mr Dowson is currently out on bail and facing charges relating to the Union Flag protests. No doubt many other members of this new party will have made a name for themselves during the Union Flag protests. So what is a anti-politics,political party going to do for the North? Very little except cause trouble on the streets and of course loads of comedy moments over on Loyalists Against Democracy website.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What Ever Happened To The Likely Lads?

Basil McCrea MLA and John McAllister MLA both quit the Ulster Unionist Party a couple of months ago. At the time there was a lot of talk about the pair setting up a new moderate Unionist party. I believe April was given as the month this new party would be launched. We are now of course three weeks into April and there is no sign of a new party. So have they abandoned the idea or is something else afoot? Could the duo be planning to join another party such as Alliance or the NI Tories. With only seven days left liberal unionisms likely lads will need to get there skates on in order to launch a new party this month.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Sticks And Stones

As the old saying goes sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. What reminds of this is a debate currently going on in the comments section of Bangordubs blog. Some Protestants have never had any problem calling Roman Catholics Fenians no matter how many middle class respectable people may choose to deny it. But all that shows is how ignorant they are of their own history. Another word popular with some Protestants to label Roman Catholics with is Taigs. Which often features in the phrase the Taigs get everything while we get nothing. One word that seems to have fallen out of favour with some of the more outspoken Protestants is papists often used by the more religious among them. But as many of them now share political  power with the other side maybe we should not be to surprised. As far as I know name calling has never killed anyone here. But it doesn't do any good for community relation either.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Terrible Prime Minister

Margaret Thatcher told Peter Mandelson the Irish are all liars and not to be trusted.What made Mrs Thatcher take such a view of us as a people. Maybe it was because we did not bend to the will of the Iron Lady. Unlike many of her victims foreign and domestic we did not back down when faced with the full force of her wrath. The cowards and yes men she surrounded herself with in her cabinet for example only stood up to her when it looked like she was taking them towards political oblivion. In fact the only man in England to stand up to her was Arthur Scargill the leader of the Mineworkers Union but he sadly failed. Margaret Thatcher will go down in history as the woman who economically destroyed the United Kingdom and set the ball rolling on it's breaking up into several pieces.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A Not So Special Relationship

So Barack Obama is not going to Margaret Thatcher's state funded funeral. Joe Biden is not going as well. Michelle Obama has also got better things to do this week.So the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States Of America is not that important to the Obama Administration. I wonder if Margaret Thatcher's total refusal to support sanctions against South Africa in the Apartheid era has anything to do with it? George Shultz and James Baker are going but they come from the Ronald Reagan Administration. Newt Gingrich is going as is Hillary Clinton but no former presidents just failed presidential candidates. Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger will be there no doubt representing America's commitment to human rights in the Middle-East and South East Asia. Not exactly a great turnout for somebody who has Stateswoman as the occupation on her Death Certificate.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Contrarian King

Sammy McNally the Internet Blog commentator does a great job. He tries to adopt a contrarian position on everything. Recently Sammy has excelled himself by taking up a Margaret Thatcher was great position on various Irish political blogs. The late British Prime Minister could do no wrong in Sammy's eyes and Irish Nationalists living in the Six Counties should show a bit more gratitude for all the good work she has done for them. A cynic might say that Sammy could be trying to work his way back into Mick Fealtys good books in order to get himself back on Slugger O'Toole. Sadly for Sammy it doesn't seem Mick is rising to Sammy's bait and it looks like he will never be allowed to darken Slugger OToole's door ever again.

YouGov Opinion Poll

Which government do you think should be responsible for all tax and spending decisions in Scotland, including tax revenues from oil and gas? The UK government 35% The Scottish government 52% Don't know 13% 1,105 Scottish Adults were polled between the 20th and 22nd of March 2013.

Friday, 5 April 2013

The Angry Brigade

The Democratic Unionist Party always seem angry about something don't they? It seems everyday something new gets their dander up. Nigel Dodds seem to get all upset about Republican parades honouring those who took part in the Easter Rising of 1916 and children taking part in them dressing up as rebels. Now the DUP in Belfast City Hall are upset after the Alliance Party put down a amendment on their motion remembering two British Soldiers killed in Belfast 25 years ago saying that all the victims of violence should be remembered. But why all the sound and fury now? Unless a leadership contest is already underway in the party and they are all jockeying for position.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What Does Mick Fealty Mean To You?

Mick Fealty is the darling of the NI blogger sphere but what does he mean to you? Some see Mick as a impartial observer on the North of Ireland's political woes. Others are not quite so kind describing him as a English Tory a Castle Catholic or a Unionist. One blogger who should know better is convinced he is a paid up member of the SDLP! Others mutter darkly that Mick is in fact a member of the APNI. One things for sure Mick is a bit of a enigma. Maybe we will never figure out who Mick Fealty really is but that doesn't stop some people from trying.

Spit On Me Dickie

Richard Boyd Barrett TD is always on RTE giving his views on any political subject. In fact I am beginning to wonder if Dickie has some sort of hold over the RTE board such as incriminating photographic evidence. I mean its not like Leinster House has a shortage of left-wing spoofers willing to drone on for hours about the evils of Europe or how great Gay Marriage is. Maybe it is Dickie from Dun Laoghaire showbiz family connections him being Sinead Cusack's love child that swings it for him. But somebody should tell those in charge of booking guests at RTE that variety is the spice of life so when booking guests try someone different please anyone but Richard Boyd Barrett.

Well Done Bangordub!

Jude Collins 1 (11%) Keeping An Eye On The Czar Of Russia 2 (22%) We In Coming Days May Be 3 (33%) Endgame In Ulster 1 (11%) An Sionnach Fionn 2 (22%) Footballcliches 0 (0%) Slugger O'Toole 0 (0%)

Leader Of The Pack

Media speculation which started in this weeks Sunday World suggests that their may be a leadership contest in the DUP soon. Peter Robinson the great leader has had enough and wants to spend more time in Florida. So who could lead the North's leading Unionist party? Well there is Nigel Dodds a Cambridge University educated lawyer turned MP for North Belfast. The problem for Nigel is much of today's media is obsessed with appearance and Nigel is as ugly as sin. Then there is Gregory Campbell the MP for East Derry a local media darling who has a opinion on everything from what kind of music Sunderland footballers listen to in their spare time or what South Korean motor companies name their cars. Then there is Arlene Foster the Trade Minister but will the boys club really choose a woman as their leader no matter how smart she is. How about wee Jeffrey Donaldson the MP for Lagan Valley he could unite the party he is a lot smarter than people give him credit for and he somehow survived the expenses scandal when he was caught out watching movies in his hotel room then claiming back the money on expenses. Whoever the DUP pick I am sure the party will be in safe hands.