Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Should Scotland Close Down All It's Nuclear Power Plants Like Germany?

Should Scotland shut down all of its Nuclear power plants like Germany? Germany plans to close down all it's Nuclear power plants by the year 2022. Can Scotland follow this great example set by Germany? Remember the catastrophe at Fukushima in Japan earlier this year. Scotland's Energy Minister thinks so. Mr Fergus Ewing has said Scotland could follow the same path as Germany. Renewable energy could make Scotland energy rich by 2020 according to the SNP.


Ministers Due To Meet Today

Today there will be a meeting at Bute House in Edinburgh. Attending this meeting will be Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon representing Scotland. Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness representing Northern Ireland. And also in attendance will be Carwyn Jones representing Wales. Top of the agenda is thought to be Corporation Tax. With Mr Salmond keen to include control over setting the Business Levy in the new Scotland Bill.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Where Does Kim Kardashian Stand On The Issue Of Israel?

Where does Kim stand on the important issue of Israel? Does she favor a return to the 1967 borders like Barack Obama? Or is she on the side of Mr Netanyahu ? Maybe she has a Middle East peace plan of her own. Can anybody explain what this women does apart from look good with very little clothes on?

Is Cheryl Cole Just One of Life's Victims?

The Queen Of England Fears The Break Up Of The United Kingdom

The Queen of England fears the United Kingdom could break up starting with Scotland leaving the UK. She sent for her Prime Minister Mr Cameron to discuss her worries. They met at Buckingham Palace to discuss the implications for the future of the monarchy if Scotland goes its own way. Palace Officials have also asked 10 Downing Street to bring in a constitutional expert to advise on a referendum and the dismantling of the UK if there is a yes vote.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

What Weighs 1,300 Tonnes And Is 180 Metres Long? Pelamis The Future Of Scottish Energy

Pelamis is a Scottish built wave generator. In a few weeks it will be towed from the Firth of Forth to be moored at a testing ground off Orkney. It converts the motion of waves into enough electricity to power 500 homes. The plan is to install hundreds of these wave generators off Orkney and the Shetland Islands and the Western Isles in the next five years. By 2020 Alex Salmond claims Scotland could produce all of it's own electricity from renewable energy. And Scotland could become the "Saudi Arabia of renewable energy".


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Enda Kenny Is Committed To Building The A5 Motorway

The Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has committed himself to building the A5 motorway. The road which is a joint big money project with the Northern Assembly will improve access between Dublin and the North-West. The road will run between Aughnacloy in County Tyrone and Newbuildings in County Derry. Danny Kennedy the Regional Development Minister in the North is responsible for road building in the North. He has said he is waiting on the result of a public inquiry before deciding if to give the A5 project the go ahead.


Friday, 27 May 2011

Could A Cut In Corporation Tax In The Six Counties Help Create 58,000 New Jobs?

According to a new paper by the Economic Advisory Group a cut in the North's Corporation Tax could help create 58,000 new jobs here by the year 2030. It also says that the cut would improve the standard of living by £24,500 per person. And it would increase export sales to 15 Billion. But would large companies invest the savings they make in tax cuts here or take the money and run? And how much would the Treasury in London cut from the Budget here? These questions need to be answered before any tax cut takes place.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Vince Cable's U-Turn On Scottish Corporation Tax

"I think the logic of that is irresistible, if you have a devolved system. If you want power, then you have to have the responsibility, and the responsibility goes with making fiscal choices, and fiscal choices involve not just spending a block grant, which is what happens at the moment, but making decisions on how to raise revenue".

So says Vince Cable the Government Minister in charge of Business talking about devolving Corporation Tax to Scotland. Calman rejected the idea so it does not appear in the Scotland Bill. So Mr Cable has been slapped down again by George Osborne. This London Government is all over the place.


A Tale Of Two Countries

A Fair Society that is Scotland opposed to a Big Society that is England. In England students will be expected to pay a backdated fee of £9,000 per year of study. In Scotland the SNP Government will meet the full cost of the bill. It has also pledged to plug any funding gap caused by Mr Cameron's reforms thought to be about £200 million. Alex Salmond also has plans to invest in the Scottish Economy by setting up more Scottish infrastructure projects. The SNP also plans to fight tooth and nail any NHS reforms coming from the Con/Dem Government in London. Two Countries that are going their own separate way no matter what happens with the Constitution.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

32% Of People In England And Wales Think Britain Would Be Off Without Scotland In It

According to a new opinion poll 32% of people in England and Wales think Britain would be better off without Scotland. And 47% say they are not concerned if England,Scotland,N Ireland and Wales break up through Independence. Some 47% say Scotland would be worse off if it was Independent. 30% however think Scotland would be better off. If Wales followed Scotland 26% of Brits would support it, while 30% would oppose it. Harris Interactive polled 2,146 people between May 10th and 16th.


Monday, 23 May 2011

George Osborne's Raid On North Sea Oil Revenues Could Cost 10,000 Jobs

In his budget in March George Osborne raised supplementary tax on Oil and Gas production from 20% to 32%. Osborne's tax raid could cost 10,000 jobs.The extra 2 Billion pounds a year comes on top of the 11 Billion he already expects to take this year in revenues. Alex Salmond has spoken out against what he calls this smash and grab raid on Scottish resources. This Blog agrees with Mr Salmond. Mr Osborne should seriously think again.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

The SNP Call's For The Trident Nuclear Submarine Base At Fastlane To Be Removed From Scotland

The SNP is to call for the Fastlane Nuclear Submarine Base to be removed from Scotland. The Scottish Parliament has no powers as defence is a reserved matter at Westminister. However the SNP will use a resolution at Holyrood to stir tensions between Scotland and Westminister. This comes as Alex Salmond is set to give a major speech tomorrow on Scottish Independence. Nearly 60% of MSP's oppose Trident Nuclear Weapons. Brian Larkin of Trident ploughshares says that the UK Government transport nuclear warheads over Scottish roads and the Scottish Government could refuse to allow them to do so.


Friday, 20 May 2011

The New SNP Cabinet in Scotland

Alex Salmond First Minister
Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister And Health
John Swinney Finance Minister
Kenny MacAskill Justice Minister
Mike Russell Education
Richard Lochhead Environment
Alex Neil Infrastructure and Capital Investment
Bruce Crawford Parliamentary Business and Government Strategy
Fiona Hyslop Culture and External Affairs

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Oh Danny Boy!

Daniel Devine the Belfast born defender for Preston North End has decided to play International football for the Republic Of  Ireland team. He is only the latest young professional footballer from the North to opt for the Republic Of Ireland. This is good for Mr Devine's  footballing career and this Blog wishes him all the best in the future.


Alex Salmond To Be Re-Elected First Minister Of Scotland Today

Mr Alex Salmond is to be Re-elected the First Minister Of Scotland today. And over the coming week he will lay out his plans for the future of Scotland. Included in those plans will be a referendum on Scottish Independence. The Labour party never managed to gain an overall majority like the SNP won in the recent election. And so much for Lord Robertson's claim that "Devolution would kill Nationalism stone dead". And Unionism in Scotland is very much on the defensive. Mr Salmond has five years to call a referendum and he will take his time in order to point out all the great benefits of becoming a free Country. This Blog wishes him and his party all the best.

Monday, 16 May 2011

40% Of Businesses In The Republic Of Ireland Are In Favor Of 12.5% Corporation Tax Rate

Businesses in the Republic Of Ireland want a 12.5% Corporation Tax rate in the Six Counties. The continuing investment of Republic Of Ireland companies in the North is thought to be a important factor in this.And the increase in cross-border trade in what is seen by many as a ever growing All-Ireland Economy. Peter Robinson during the Assembly Election floated the idea of a Corporation Tax rate of just 10% in the North.


Saturday, 14 May 2011

Labour Party Starting To Talk About Federalism In The UK

Given the SNP's recent stunning success in winning the Scottish Parliament election some senior figures in the Labour party have started to talk about a Federal UK. They say the Scotland Bill does not give Scotland enough fiscal responsibility. This shows how worried Labour party politicians are about Mr Salmond and his party. Carry on Alex you are doing a great job.


Friday, 13 May 2011

Ministerial Picks At Stormont

DUP: Finance,Enterprise And Trade,Health,Social Development
Sinn Fein: Education,Culture,Agriculture
UUP: Regional Development
SDLP: Environment
Alliance: Employment And Learning

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

David McClarty Says No To The UUP

David McClarty says no to returning to the Ulster Unionist Party. Mr McClarty stood as a Independent and was re-elected as a MLA. Tom Elliott the Ulster Unionist Party leader is now under pressure. His leadership is now under serious threat. Alec Kane the former Head of Communications for the UUP has just said on UTV that a stalking horse candidate for the party leadership may be about to enter the field.

The SNP Plans To Devolve Corporation Tax, Borrowing And The Crown Estate

The SNP have some big plans for the future of Scotland. They want to devolve Corporation Tax powers from London to Edinburgh. They also want to devolve Government borrowing powers. And they also want to take control of Crown Estates. So that the wealth and natural resources of Scotland can be used for the benefit of the Scottish people not to build shopping centres in England.



Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Local Council Results 2011


Two seats yet to declare.

I Met Murder On The Way It Had A Face Like Castlereagh

Unionist unity has arrived at Castlereagh Council. The DUP and UUP have formed a pact in order to exclude another party from political power. And the party that threatens the Unionists is not the SDLP or SF it's the Alliance Party!The Alliance party have won 6 seats meaning the Council is no longer under the complete control of the DUP. So the control freaks that run the DUP set up a deal with the UUP in order to keep the nice people in Alliance out of power. Well it did not take the DUP long to revert to form did it. I guess you could say it will be Business as usual at Castlereagh Council.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Final Result Assembly Election 2011

Democratic Unionist Party 198,428 First Preference votes 38 Seats
Sinn Fein 178,222 First Preference votes 29 seats
Ulster Unionist Party 87,501 First Preference votes 16 seats
Social Democratic Labour Party 94,286 First Preference votes 14 seats
Alliance Party 50,875 First Preference votes 8 seats
Traditional Unionist Voice 16,480 First Preference votes 1 seat
Independent 3,003 First Preference votes 1 seat
Green Party 2,207 First Preference votes 1 seat

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Alex Salmond The Greatest Threat To The Union

Alex Salmond is now the greatest threat to the United Kingdom. The SNP have won 69 seats giving them control over the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Labour party look defeated and rejected by the Scottish people. Expect Mr Salmond to provide the real opposition to the Tory/LibDem agenda of public sector cuts. Mr Salmond offers real leadership to the Scottish people and will stir the pot like nobody else. So good luck to him I wish him all the best.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Well Done To The SNP On A Great Result

According to the BBC the SNP are on course to win 67 seats in the Scottish Parliament. A great result for Alex Salmond and his party. It looks like a referendum on Scottish Independence could be called in the next four years. So well done Alex and I look forward to Scotland becoming a proud Independent Nation sometime in the near future.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Portland Calls For A United Ireland

 San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Cleveland,  and the California Democratic Party have already called for a United Ireland. And now Portland in Oregon has joined the Campaign for a United Ireland. And they have asked the British and Irish Governments to call a referendum in order to make it happen. And this blog could not agree more we want a referendum now.


Tuesday, 3 May 2011

David Ford Posh Boy

The Alliance party leader is quite posh.He grew up in Kent and went to a English boarding school Dulwich College. Even for the middle-class Alliance party David Ford is very posh. This may go down well in leafy North Down but will not look good in other more working-class areas.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Vote For The SNP In Scotland

The SNP under the leadership of Alex Salmond have done great things in Government over the past four years. The party wants freedom for Scotland to decide its own political destiny. And Mr Salmond has pledged he will hold a referendum on Independence by 2015 if he wins the upcoming election.So vote for the SNP on Thursday the 5th of May. Mister Salmond has proven himself as the future of Scotland and is a true Scottish Patriot. And he is not afraid to stand up to London based politicans who do not have Scotlands best interests at heart.